Russian Federation: Review of the Fishery Sector

Russian Federation: Review of the Fishery SectorРоссийская Федерация / Обзор рыбохозяйственного сектора

Report Series - N. 12 - September 2008
This report is part of a series by the FAO Investment Centre/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Cooperation Programme which presents sector reviews and studies undertaken in Central and Eastern Europe on development issues and innovative areas to increase investment in the region. World fish production (capture and aquaculture) is likely to increase in response to growing consumer demand and higher prices. Most fish produced, traded and consumed in the Russia Federation is from capture fisheries. The Russian market for fish and seafood products has become one of the most dynamic segments in the national agrifood sector. Primary fish production and processing of fish and seafood were the two major segments considered in this study for the identification of potential investment partners in the Russian Federation. This report was commissioned by EBRD and financed by the Government of Japan and FAO. It was prepared by the FAO Investment Centre in close collaboration with experts from Eurofish, FAO Fisheries Department and Russian governmental fisheries agencies.
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Russian Federation / Review of the Fishery Sector view
Российская Федерация / Обзор рыбохозяйственного сектора view

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