Serbia: Policy Dialogue in the Meat SectorSerbia: Policy Dialogue in the Meat Sector

Serbia’s meat sector is vital to the overall development of the economy as it plays a large role for feeding the consumer base and driving the market for exports, accounting for about one-third of the country’s gross agricultural production. Serbia’s meat sector has become cost competitive with the EU but faces challenges as it cannot export due to the presence of classical swine fever (CSF). FAO and EBRD are cooperating with the Serbian government on projects for Policy Dialogue in Serbia’s meat and dairy sectors. It is now critical to channel efforts into policy dialogue and focus the conversation on the compartmentalization of CSF-free pork facilities to allow the flow of exports. The project has facilitated working groups that help play a consultative role and balance between the public and private sectors and associations and industry. The deepening policy dialogue topics center on cost competitiveness; compartmentalization for Classical Swine Fever analysis; export development: access to new export markets and export promotion; and quality with the establishment of the Meat Quality Association. At a glance: • Agriculture accounts for 9 percent of total GDP and 24 percent of total exports with over 600,000 small scale producers • Challenge: low productivity with increasing pressure from imports • Need to assure biosecurity of meat quality to open exports • Government created legal basis and enabled compartmentalization • Private sector initiated discussions with veterinary service • On-going private sector export initiatives including analysis of transboundary animal diseases in selected markets, eligibility for export of meat products, and baby beef export analysis Project Leader: Dmitry Prikhodko;
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