Members contact update and questionnaire, October 2008Members contact update and questionnaire, October 2008

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07 May, 2022

Regional: Monitoring the Adoption of Key Sustainable Climate Technologies in the Agri-food Sector
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12 December, 2021

Ukraine: African Swine Fever – Risk awareness-raising and risk mitigation
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23 November, 2020

WEBINAR: Data driven efficiency and sustainability in Precision Agriculture
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10 July, 2020

Kazakhstan: Supporting an inclusive dairy value chain development, Phase II
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04 May, 2020

Serbia: Strengthening quality standards in the agrifood sector
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01 March, 2020

Serbia: Digital Technologies for Agriculture Review
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23 October, 2019

Turkish Pine honey: pathway to becoming a Geographical Indication
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19 December, 2018

Turkey: Geographical Indications in the Bursa region
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