Atlantic Grupa - Serbia

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
The EBRD is considering provision of an up to EUR 252 million loan to selected subsidiaries of Atlantic Grupa (“AG”), a leading regional food and beverage company, based in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. The EBRD will seek to syndicate EUR 192 million of the loan to commercial banks. In addition, the IFC will be providing an up to EUR 55 million senior loan on a parallel basis. Through this Project, the Bank will support: * the Company’s medium-term organic development, which is expected to contribute to the group's competitiveness in the region and thereby offering better quality and service to end customers. * the transaction will further support regional trade and business development which is in line with the objectives of the Bank in the Western Balkans. Through mobilising substantial funding from commercial banks, with the Bank as a catalyst, the Project demonstrates confidence in AG, but more importantly in the region in these challenging times. The joint proceeds of the EBRD loan and IFC loan will be applied for: * up to EUR 272 million – balance sheet restructuring * EUR 25 million – working capital financing; * potentially up to EUR 10 millilon – energy efficiency improvements of AG operations.
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Atlantic Grupa
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