Agricultural Support Services Project

The World Bank
Within the strategic context, the Agricultural Support Services Project will promote public, and private services, to support the development of research, and extension services for private farmers. Agricultural productivity, and sustainability will be increased, providing needed technology, information, and training for private farmers, and agro-processors. The two main components: * applied research, and extension, will support agricultural research, and extension on priority problems, by means of a Competitive Grant Scheme (CGS). It will ensure a close association between research scientist/extension specialists, and the needs of newly emerged private farmers, particularly in the formulation, and evaluation of research, and extension proposals. CGS will extend the range of research and extension grant participants, to include universities, NGOs, private industry, and extension services. Funding will be provided to meet priority needs, marketing, and efficient input, and low cost options, for production, and processing. Proposals' evaluation criteria will include farm utility, experience, and transfer of technology, as well as environmental impacts; * institution building, will administer the CGS, and implement a rapid impact program to deliver extension messages, and conduct applied research. Technical assistance, and training will be delivered for capacity building, and future restructuring services.
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