Bai Tushum II

International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Rural Microfinance
Micro Credit Company Bai Tushum (“Bai Tushum”, or “BT”) is an existing IFC client and one of Kyrgyzstan’s leading licensed micro lending institutions. Originally, Bai Tushum was created as a noncommercial, not-for-profit organization whose main goal was to contribute to the social and economic development of rural and urban areas of the Kyrgyz Republic. Since its inception, BT has become one of the leading and sound microfinance institutions in Kyrgyzstan and overcome financial dependence on grant resources and has transformed itself into a sustainable microfinance entity. It provides microlending services to develop and support agricultural, small and medium enterprises, and farmers. BT is expected to become a deposit taking financial institution by end-2009. The purpose of the project is: - To support Bai Tushum's loan portfolio growth (as it expands its lending activities throughout the country); - To support Bai Tushum’s establishment of a sustainable microfinance company which will have deposit taking activities.
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