Arnur Credit

International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Rural Microfinance
The proposed project is to provide a senior loan of up to $3 million equivalent to Microcredit Organization Arnur Credit LLP (the “Company”), one of the leading commercial microfinance institutions in Kazakhstan. Proceeds of the loan will be used to finance the expansion of the Company’s lending activities to micro and small entrepreneurs (the “Project”). Arnur Credit currently seeks long-term funding to continue its dynamic growth and continue offering existing and new products to its target clientele. Arnur Credit is one of the leading microfinance organizations operating in the southern region of Kazakhstan and serves more than 6,000 clients, of which 40% are women, through its network of 38 branches. Arnur Credit provides a range of products to its clients with rural loans for agricultural purposes accounting for more than 40% of portfolio and number of clients. Arnur’s average loan size is about $2,000.
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Arnur Credit

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