Capacity Building for Urban Water Supply

Asian Development Bank
Central and West Asia Department
The technical assistance (TA) is in conjunction with the implementation of Urban Water Supply Project. The main objective of the TA is to strengthen the sector institutions and train concerned staff at various levels of government in appropriate management systems for delivery sustainable urban infrastructure services. The TA will help strengthen the capacity of the central and local governments and concerned utility agencies the management of urban water supply. It will also strengthen the capacity of local training institutions and organizations to deliver the training needed for the planning, operation and maintenance of water supply systems. The TA will also initiate systems for involving the community, in the planning of the services to be provided by mobilizing and training NGOs and CBOs to undertake this work under the project. The services provided under the TA will encompass (i) international and domestic consulting services; (ii) training government staff, utility agency staff, and community leaders; (iii) the establishment of a training center through which the training activities of the Project can be coordinated.
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