Amu Zang Irrigation Rehabilitation Project (formerly Amu Zang Water Resources Management Project)

Asian Development Bank
Central and West Asia Department
The Project goal is to maintain and improve agricultural productivity and farm income on a sustained basis. The Project purposes are to: (i) increase the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of irrigation water supply of Amu Zang irrigation system; (ii) facilitate and accelerate the ongoing agriculture sector reforms in the Project area. The Project has the following components: (i) rehabilitation of the Amu Zang irrigation system; (ii) support to improve irrigation management; (iii) support to private farm development; and (iv) project management, monitoring and evaluation. The Project will also facilitate the ongoing policy and institutional reforms by promoting an alternative procurement quota systems for cotton and grain and introducing water delivery fees in the Project area; and by assisting the Goverment to develop the national cost recovery policy and improve the operational guidelines for water users' association development.
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0 USD 110,940,000

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