Agriculture Rehabilitation Project

Asian Development Bank
Central and West Asia Department
Board approval
The objective of the technical assistance (TA) is to formulate a Project aimed at reducing poverty in selected areas of the country by rehabilitating critically needed rural infrastructure, revitalizing agricultural productivity, improving access to markets, expanding employment opportunities, and ultimately increasing incomes, while allowing the beneficiaries to be more self-reliant with food security. The TA will substantiate priority areas in Khatlon and Leninabad provinces for ADB assistance in (i) support for farm privatization, including information and advisory services, and other initiatives aimed at easing the transition to private farming; (ii) cost-effective rehabilitation of selected irrigation and drainage systems, focusing on the most critical main and field level infrastructure, with parallel establishment of water users associations (WUA) and enabling requisites for the operation and maintenance of the systems, and capacity development for monitoring environmental impacts; (iii) rehabilitation and provision of water supply and sanitation facilities in selected locations, with parallel development of organizational arrangements and mechanisms for sustained operation and management of the facilities. The TA will prepare the proposed Project for possible ADB financing. In preparing the Project, the TA will provide recommendations to (i) overcome critical constraints facing agricultural development; (ii) improve institutional arrangements and the necessary enabling conditions at the national, regional and local level. The TA is also expected to reach a consensus among concerned stakeholders at the national, regional and local levels on the objectives, scope, and the implementation arrangements of the proposed Project.
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