Building Climate Resilience in the Pyanj River Basin

Asian Development Bank
Central and West Asia Department
Building climate change resilience of communities along the Pyanj River Basin was identified as a priority by country stakeholders in the extensive consultation that the government of Tajikistan conducted in partnership with ADB, WB and EBRD since 2009 under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). Key needs identified include access to water resources, gender equality of access to resources, provision of credits, preparedness and index-based insurance supported by early warning systems, improved water supply, access to information on climate change adaptation for land management, climate proofed infrastructure especially roads, and strengthening institutions. The findings of the TAJ-TA7599 and field missions to the Pyanj River Basin confirmed this range of priorities, reflecting the wide range of adaptation needs in the river basin. The impact of the project will be improved livelihoods of Pyanj river basin communities vulnerable to climate variability and change. The project outcome will be that communities in the Pyanj river basin are more resilient to climate variability and climate change, benefiting over a million people including the poor and women. The outputs as envisaged are: (i) improved access to water resources, including irrigation, water supply and water retention systems and technologies; (ii) decreased number of households at risk of droughts and floods, including small scale protection infrastructure, early warning systems, micro financing and micro insurance; (iii) increased capacity of communities to respond to climate change, including strengthening of institutions and advisory services. A basket of interventions for each output have already been identified through extensive consultations with government and non-government agencies, local stakeholders and communities in the Pyanj River Basin and analytical work carried under TAJ-TA7599 during the first phase of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR).
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