Community-Based Infrastructure Services Sector Project (Supplementary Grant)

Asian Development Bank
Central and West Asia Department
The Community Based Infrastructure Services Sector Project (the initial Project) follows a sector lending approach and supports the main objective of the Government of Kyrgyz Republic (Government) of human development by providing: (i) improved community-based infrastructure services; and (ii) training programs to develop institutional capacity. The Project area covers four oblasts (provinces) - Chui, Jalal-Abad, Osh, and Batken. The Project was designed to provide basic infrastructure services in 730 villages and seven small towns to about 1.5 million persons, of whom approximately 70% were living below the poverty line. The proposed supplementary grant is required to meet the financing gap that has emerged due to significant increases in construction costs during the implementation period. As a result, the water supply systems in 118 subprojects were prioritized out of the originally planned 240 subproject. The proposed supplementary grant will implement the remaining 122 subprojects by providing much-needed water supply and sanitation services for the rural population as prioritized by the Government. Based on the lessons learned from the initial Project, proposed changes include: (i) simplification of the subproject selection criteria to ensure the selection of community-owned demand-driven and cost effective subprojects; (ii) improvement of technical design criteria for implementing simple, technically sound and cost effective subprojects; and (iii) improvement of implementation arrangements to achieve efficiency and quality during project implementation.
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