Capacity Building for Cadastral Survey and Land Administration

Asian Development Bank
East Asia Department
The objective of the technical assistance (TA) is to assist the Executing Agency (EA) and Ulaanbataar City and province land management departments to become more effective in carrying out their mandate. The scope of the TA is to provide technical advice and assist the EAs with the new concepts, procedures, and technology introduced by the loan project for Cadastral Survey and Land Registration, and advice on land administration procedures and on legislation to land. Advisory assistance is needed for the preparation of technical specifications, tender documentation and bid evaluation for aerial photography and cadastral survey, for mapping and data acquisition activities, transfer of knowledge, and training of staff at national, provincial, and district levels to implement the Project. Assistance will also be provided to EA in connection with establishing the design parameters, tendering, and implementation supervision of the turnkey contract for the NLIS under the Loan project. TA will provide on-the-job training of the EA with ADB procedures for project administration and will assist in review of the laws and the efficient implementation of relevant legislation.
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