Crop Production Project

Asian Development Bank
East Asia Department
The objective of the Technical Assistance is to assist Government to prepare a project for the revitalization of the crop sector, focusing on interventions that contribute most to poverty reduction. It would include: (i) strengthening agricultural data collection and information systems; (ii) strengthening crop-based farming systems, especially small farmer irrigated agriculture, and cereal production; and (iii) the promotion of improved market linkages. The TA would: (i) review Government's crop sector strategy; (ii) propose technically and financially viable and sustainable technologies for improved cereal production, vegetable production and cereal seed multiplication; (iii) identify small-scale irrigation schemes for rehabilitation or new development, and assess alternative small-scale irrigation technologies for private investment; (iv) conduct a detailed poverty and vulnerability analysis; (v) review and propose viable approaches to small stock rearing by small farmers and landless households; (vi) propose consolidated agricultural data collection and information systems to meet the needs of Government for planning, and of farmers; (vii) propose models for group formation and modalities for associated micro-finance activities; (viii) review input supply, marketing and processing and propose measures to improve access and opportunities, especially by small farmers; (ix) review the institutional constraints to project implementation, and propose measures to strengthen capacity, especially for decentralization to the aimag and soum levels; (xi) undertake thorough economic and financial analysis; and (xii) conduct an initial environmental examination and social analysis.
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