Capacity Building in Agricultural Biotechnologies and Biosafety - Phase II of TCP/RER/3102

Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, *Regional
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Objectives: - improve the skills of decision makers, university teachers (trainers), and research managers in the cooperating countries in recent developments in agricultural biotechnology applications and in GMO risk assessment; - improve the skills of technical staff in GMO detection in seed and food products; - enhance the regional capacity for communication and awareness raising on potential benefits and risks of modern biotechnology applications considering specific information needs of both genders and rural people; - develop and harmonize updated training curricula and programmes for university and postgraduate training (including provision of didactic materials) in agricultural biotechnology and biosafety; - provide advice to policy-makers on approach to development of a regional agricultural biotechnology strategy; - foster collaboration of stakeholders of agricultural biotechnology and biosafety within and among the countries.
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Armenia, Georgia, Moldova

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