Tackling climate change with the EBRD's FINTECC programme, September 2017Tackling climate change with the EBRD's FINTECC programme, September 2017

29 September, 2017

The EBRD’s FINTECC (Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change) programme is part of a global drive towards climate technology transfer for developing countries and countries in transition.

The programme helps companies in participating EBRD countries to implement ‘climate technologies’. These include technologies for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and materials efficiency. Climate technologies reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and/or lead to increased climate resilience.

We offer incentive grants for introducing eligible technologies, which are available as a complement to EBRD financing.

To assist climate technology transfer within each region, we offer support to participating governments. We help them to improve policy environments and legislative frameworks, further enabling organizations in their regions to adopt a wide range of climate technologies.

FINTECC is part of and financed through EBRD’s Green Economy Transition approach. 

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