Moving on to new pasturesMoving on to new pastures

06 July, 2017

Gilles Mettetal, who has been running EBRD’s Agribusiness team since 2006, has just left the London-based Institution to go back home to France and take up new tasks as advisor to agribusiness corporations and institutions. Gilles Mettetal is one of the founders of the EastAgri and MedAgri networks, which have turned into active communities of practitioners in the area of agriculture and agribusiness investment. EastAgri and MedAgri were launched to facilitate exchanges of lessons learned and best practices among institutions - in particular International Financial Institutions, development agencies and private banks - investing in the agrifood sector in transition countries and in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region. At the EBRD, Gilles Mettetal developed the agribusiness investment portfolio. Under his leadership, the EBRD became the largest provider of financing to the private agribusiness sector in the Bank’s countries of operation. The Bank also played a significant role in agricultural policies and institutions development. The EastAgri and MedAgri teams would like to thank Gilles for all his contributions. The networks would probably not exist without him. We wish him all the best for his new projects.

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