CEI Wholesale Markets Foundation Study Tour, Italy, June 2005CEI Wholesale Markets Foundation Study Tour, Italy, June 2005

A Study Tour on Italian Wholesale Markets was organised by FAO and the CEI Wholesale Markets (WM) Foundation from 6-8 June 2005. The general purpose of the Study Tour was to illustrate (i) existing interactions between traditional WMs and the food retail industry, (ii) various types of WM ownership and management models and, more generally, (iii) different types of public/private partnership arrangements utilised for the development of fresh produce WMs in Italy. Visited markets included: Rome (Centro Agroalimentare di Roma), Fondi, Salerno and the new WM of Naples. The Study Tour also included the visit of a series of fruit and vegetables cooperatives in the Naples/Salerno region. The target audience of the Study Tour included directors of the members of the CEI WM Foundation, as well as a number of FAO professional staff interested in marketing issues. Six Eastern and Central European (ECE) countries were represented: Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Ukraine. On 6 June 2005, as part of the Study Tour, a seminar was held at FAO Headquarters on on the ï¿_linkages between the food retail industry and WMs". Study Tour Outcome: The level of exchange between ECE participants and Italian WM professionals was excellent and the Study Tour immediately triggered a series of bilateral contacts, both at the level of the participating market companies and at the commercial level.
2. Seminar Documentation
document title
Agenda download
Future of WMs - Marco Sibani download
WMs in the era of Supermarkets and Hypermarkets - Seidler, FAO download
1. Study Tour Documentation
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Agenda download
Arrival Note download
Final Study Tour Report download
List of Participants download
Logistics note download
3. Background Reports
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Collection of normative for italian market download
Disposition for establishment ofInter-institutional Committee for Wms download
General Italian Regulations for WMs download
Italian financial Law no. 41 of 1986 download
Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks for WMs in Western Europe download
Models of Market Ownership download
4. Useful websites
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CEI Wholesale Markets Foundation view
FAO Agricultural Marketing view
FAO Investment Centre /EBRD cooperation view
FAO Regional Office for Europe view
Market of Fondi view
Market of Naples view
Market of Salerno view
Rome Market view
5. Wholesale Markets Photos
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Fondi Wholesale Market (MOF) download
Naples Wholesale Market (CAAN) download
Rome Wholesale Market (CAR) download
Salerno Wholesale Market download
6. FAO Press Release
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Italian Wholesale Markets, an inspiration for Central and Eastern Europe view

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