Corporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned BusinessesCorporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned Businesses

Corporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned Businesses

Family-Owned Businesses in Turkey

In the US more than 50% of the GDP is generated by family businesses, while in the Middle East, India, South East Asia and South America, among the corporations with more than $1bn revenue, more than 70% are family businesses. In Turkey, approximately 95% of businesses are family-owned. 

According to data by the Statistics Institute of Turkey and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the average life expectancy of a family company in Turkey is 25 years. Only 30% of these companies survive to the second generation, and 12% to the third. Those that survive to the fourth generation are a meagre 3%. 

These figures outline the particular need for knowledge around best practice corporate governance in the Turkish family-owned business sector, knowledge that we aim to bring through our workshops for primary shareholders and business owners. 

Corporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned Businesses – Monday 11 November 2019

The workshop, held at the Ciragan Kempinski Hotel in Istanbul, was all-day event, attended by primary shareholders and business owners. The Workshop was led by the distinguished and highly respected international corporate governance specialist Haluk Alacaklıoğlu.

 Other special guests including: Zeynep Ahu Sazcı Uzun, Partner at Hergüner-Bilge Law Office, Mehmet Sami, Founding Partner at Pretium Kurumsal Danışmanlık A.Ş, Joline Godfrey, Founder of Independent Means, and Volkan Kara, Partner at Bain&Co.

The Workshop covered the following topics:

1.          How to establish good governance and succession plan in family business

2.          Board of Directors and corporate governance best practices in family businesses

3.          Good Financial Parenting for the 21st Century

4.          How to work successfully with professionals in a family business: Sustainable transition to professional                            management?

5.          Investments and Corporate Finance Alternatives for family businesses in changing economic circumstances

6.          Legal rights, responsibilities and risks of shareholdership in privately-owned enterprises

Videos from the event can be found below.

Webinar: Corporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned Businesses – 2nd  March 2021

The EBRD organized its second workshop on corporate governance for family businesses in Turkey. The online event was a success, with presentations by knowledgeable speakers and attendance of over 70 participants, including founders, second and third generations of family businesses. 

Dr Haluk Alacaklıoğu, founder of “Family Business Governance” and corporate governance specialist, led the workshop and spoke about good governance in a crisis and its potential for building lasting success beyond good luck.

Other valued speakers included Şahin Tulga, Managing Partner at Mentoro Platform; Mehmet Sami Founder of Pretium Corporate Advisory; Aclan Acar, Board Member at Türk Telekom; Mehmet Onen, General Manager of Dardanel, and Civan Sözkesen, Vice Chairman at Funika Holding. They presented on:

1.     Guide your family; manage your business successfully: the secrets of family and corporate Governance

2.     Correct strategic definition in companies

3.     Are you ready for corporate finance alternatives?

4.     Do crises create or uncover problems in companies?

5.     A phoenix is born from the ashes: Dardanel. Crisis is like water off a duck’s back to us.

6.     Successful transformation in Funika Holding

Participants all received certificates for their contribution to the workshop from our partners, Lobby Group.

Corporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned Businesses – 2 March 2021
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Webinar workshop recording in English view
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Corporate Governance in Turkish Family-Owned Businesses - 11 Nov 2019
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