Serbia: Digital Technologies for Agriculture ReviewSerbia: Digital Technologies for Agriculture Review

Serbia: Digital Technologies for Agriculture Review
Digital agriculture offers new opportunities through the availability of highly interconnected and data intensive computational technologies, which are part of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. These technologies can be applied to all aspects of agrifood value chains including input purchase, on-farm activities, aggregation, processing and retail and reflects a shift from generalized traditional management of resources towards optimized, individualized, real time, hyper-connected and data driven management. The desired outcome of digital agriculture are more productive, profitable and sustainable food systems.

The FAO and the EBRD, in close collaboration with the World Bank, are carrying out a review of digital technologies as applied to Serbia’s horticulture (including primary, processing and retail stages), with a view to:

  1. identify key enablers/constraints to adopt digital agriculture technologies relevant to supply (technology providers), demand (value chain actors) and regulatory framework (government) aspects; 
  2. based on the above, identify options and mechanisms for EBRD to support investment in digital agriculture technologies and their outreach and uptake.

The review will thus add the “digital dimension” to the EBRD portfolio in Serbia’s horticulture. In doing that, the review will (i) enhance the additionality and/or complementarity of digital technologies by building on previous analytical work and policy dialogue; thus (ii) increase the chances of technology adoption given the larger pool of informed beneficiaries and the fact that “business-as-usual” technical and policy constraints have been addressed. 

In addition to Serbia, the review is being conducted in Ukraine and Turkey.

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