Turkish Pine honey: pathway to becoming a Geographical IndicationTurkish Pine honey: pathway to becoming a Geographical Indication

Turkish Pine honey: pathway to becoming a Geographical Indication

Turkey is one of the largest honey and bee wax producers in the world. According to the Beekeepers ‘Association of Turkey, there are 57,000 registered beekeepers and 6.6 million registered hives in Turkey as of 2014. Beekeeping is a traditional agricultural activity that is carried out in almost every region of Turkey. Turkey produces 92 percent of the world’s pine honey, specifically in its West Mediterranean and South Aegean regions.

In 2014, Turkey exported approximately 5,000 MT (USD 20 million value) honey mostly to Germany, the United States, Jordan, Hungary, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Northern Cyprus, Belgium and Spain. According to the industry, Turkey can increase its exports of honey by improving production of geographically identified pine honey, protecting the pine area within the Aegean Region, which is the main resource for beekeeping activity, and protecting the Marchalina hellenica, which is the most important insect for the production of pine honey and honeydew.

Under the FAO/EBRD Cooperation, both organizations have agreed to support the sustainability of Turkey’s honey value chain through the development of a Geographical Indication (GI) for Turkish Pine Honey. The FAO/EBRD project aims at increasing the efficiency and inclusiveness of the honey value chains through the certified use of GIs for pine honey and its promotion on domestic and export markets in collaboration with local beekeepers and Turkey’s leading companies in the honey sector. The protection and promotion of Turkish pine honey through a registered GI label will improve export market opportunities, enhance value chain coordination and increase the redistribution of added value to local beekeepers and their families. The project also aims at paving the way for other producers to register and market GI products on the local tourism and export markets.

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Initial stakeholders meeting, July 2019 download
Knowledge exchange to Bursa report - August 2019 download
Launching seminar, November 2019 - report download
Presentation delivered at the launching seminar, November 2019 download
Technical visits to production area report - October 2019 download
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Agronomic practices survey for pine honey producers download
Literature review on Turkish pine honey download
Mapping of Turkish Pine honey actors download

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Turkish Pine honey: pathway to becoming a Geographical Indication
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