Turkey: Geographical Indications in the Bursa regionTurkey: Geographical Indications in the Bursa region

Turkey: Geographical Indications in the Bursa region

Agriculture plays an important role in the Turkish economy, both in economic and social terms. It constitutes eight percent of the national GDP and provides around 24 percent of total employment. In Bursa province this agricultural tradition is even further amplified: in 2014, 61 percent of Turkey’s vegetables were produced in Bursa.

The development of origin-based labels – or Geographical Indications (GIs) – for local products that have market potential can be an effective way to achieve market differentiation and add value to both fresh and processed products. Confronted with the misuse of the “Bursa brand” by producers outside of Turkey, the region’s producers are becoming increasingly keen on protecting their products.

Under the FAO-EBRD cooperation, the two organizations have been supporting the development of GIs in Turkey as a tool for enhancing sustainable value chains. This support has come in the shape of pilot GIs in the Bursa region, which have the potential to pioneer protection for other producers in the region and nationwide. This support stands alongside the institutional, legal and regulatory development of a GI system in the country.

In collaboration with the University of Uludag, the joint project has helped to create an association of producers who, together, have been able to develop and manage GIs. In addition they have established a certification and control system to manage and maintain the quality and traceability of products.

Ultimately, the goal of the project is to enhance the quality of products, add value to the Turkish agrifood sector and improve export opportunities. The project is organised around three main components:

(i)                  strengthening the legal and institutional framework of GIs in Turkey;

(ii)                developing pilot origin-based quality labels (GIs) that can demonstrate good practices;

(iii)               disseminating lessons learned regarding the development of GIs.


Launching Seminar, June 2016
document title
EU regulation for GI download
Good practices and GIs examples in the world download
Launching seminar participants list download
What is a GI? download
Seminar on the Book of Specification and Certification, October 2017
document title
Book of Specification download
Certification download
EBRD Agribusiness download
Seminar report download
Final Seminar, December 2018
document title
Final seminar participants list download
Final seminar programme download
Final seminar report download
Metro presentation download
Sertac Dokuzlu presentation download
Pilot Selection and Product Analyses
document title
Bursa GIs - Product Selection report download
Organoleptic, Physical and Chemical Analysis of Bursa Black Fig download
Organoleptic, Physical and Chemical Analysis of of Bursa Peach download
Technical and Scientific Report of Bursa Black Fig download
Technical and Scientific Report of Bursa Peach download
Books of Specification and Control Plans
document title
Book of Specification of Bursa Black Fig download
Book of Specification of Bursa Peach download
Certification and control options report download
Control plan of Bursa Black Fig download
Control plan of Bursa Peach download
Other useful resources
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