Enhancing Grain Market Transparency in KazakhstanEnhancing Grain Market Transparency in Kazakhstan

Enhancing Grain Market Transparency in Kazakhstan
Currently the world’s eighth-largest wheat exporter, Kazakhstan can benefit from the projected increase in global wheat consumption over the next 10 years and make an important contribution to global food security. However, the country has not yet been able to reach its full potential in grain production and export due to a number of constraints. 

Improving grain market transparency, better distribution of storage capacity and increasing availability of grain drying equipment within the country could address part of these constraints.

FAO and EBRD are working together with local partners in Kazakhstan’s grain sector to facilitate investment through enhancing grain market transparency for national and international analysts and investors. They are supporting Kazakhstan’s active participation in the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), a G20 platform for international food markets data aimed to encourage global coordination in response to market uncertainty. 

These efforts could also improve market efficiency and boost Kazakhstan’s competitive position in the region and globally.

Under the FAO/EBRD technical assistance project, an International Grain Analyst Round Table was organized in Almaty in October 2015, together with private sector analysts from grain trading and market analysis companies. Discussions focused on grain production, consumption, trade and stock estimates and their reliability.

Capacity development activities were held for grain producers, processors and exporters in Astana, Kostanay and Almaty in June 2016. Presentations and discussions aimed to popularize the AMIS platform and to demonstrate the benefits for the grain market of improving data availability and information systems. 

FAO and EBRD led the development of a report on specific grain market indicators, grain storage and transportation infrastructure issues, and commodity exchanges in Kazakhstan. 

Report findings were discussed during the Conference on Enhancing Grain Market Transparency held in Astana in November 2016, together with grain producers, processors, traders, government representatives and sector experts at project completion. 

The main conclusions of the conference were:

  1. wider dissemination of the data collected on grain use and consumption in Kazakhstan could considerably improve grain market transparency and support better-informed decisions by domestic and foreign investors; 
  2. developing grain trading through commodity exchanges requires macroeconomic and financial stability, the creation of a trusted legal and regulatory framework and a government price-support system that accommodates commodity exchange trade; 
  3. there appear to be sufficient grain storage capacities in the country;
  4. Kazakhstan has made progress in improving transparency of the grain market through its new electronic Grain Warehouse Receipt (e-WHR) system; and
  5. Kazakhstan’s active participation in AMIS would support the improvement of grain-market data quality and availability through a regular and systematic data exchange on both domestic and international level.

Project Leader: Dmitry Prikhodko, Dmitry.Prikhodko@fao.org

Final Conference Enhancing Grain Market Transparency in Kazakhstan, November 2016
document title
a) Agenda download
a) Agenda download
b) Commodity exchange development issues download
b) Commodity exchange development issues download
c) Grain storage and transportation infrastructure issues in Kazakhstan download
d) Current status and perspectives of the Grain Market download
e) AMIS Global grain market outlook: the role of Kazakhstan download
f) Current grain export issues download
g) Specific grain market indicators download
h) FAO, EBRD and local partners discuss grain market transparency in Kazakhstan, November 2016 view
Capacity Building and AMIS Popularization Events, June 2016
document title
a) Agenda download
b) Казахстан – Рынок Зерна и Муки. День За Днем - Год За Годом download
c) Towards enhancing grain market transparency in Kazakhstan, June 2016 view
International Grain Round Table, October 2015
document title
a) Agenda download
b) Представление Зерновых Балансов в Европейскую Комиссию download
c) Presentation on Echoes from the Soviet Past download
d) EBRD and FAO organise round table of Kazakh grain experts, October 2015 view
Useful Resources
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AMIS webiste view

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