Turkey: Study tour to France on Geographical IndicationsTurkey: Study tour to France on Geographical Indications

With the goal to enhance quality and value added in the Turkish agrifood sector and improve export market opportunities, FAO and the EBRD, in close collaboration with ECOCERT and the Uludag University of Bursa, organized a study tour in support of developing Geographical Indications (GIs) in Turkey, from 13 to 17 March 2017 in Southern France. The Rhone Valley and Rhône-Alpes region, in the South East of France, is an essential area for fruit production where several GIs have been established. The main purpose of the study tour was to facilitate knowledge transfer, which would enable the participants of the Turkish delegation to learn best practices in the protection and promotion of GIs. Participants included producers from the pilot products, researchers, certifiers, and representatives of Turkish public authorities.
The objectives of the study tour were to: • demonstrate the benefits of GIs at territorial level to producers and the importance of their involvement; • showcase an enabling environment where public actors contribute to the protection and promotion of GIs; • illustrate how to best market the products and the importance of coordination among the actors of the value chain: from production to distribution; • showcase the control and certification systems so as to learn how to implement an efficient system in Turkey; • illustrate how to best define specification and make the product unique; and • showcase examples of good environmental practices.

This capacity building activity is part of a larger project organized under the FAO/EBRD cooperation that consists of supporting the development of pilot GIs in the Bursa region that demonstrate good practices for other groups of producers in the region and nationwide. Those in consideration for development in Bursa are black figs and peaches. The project also aims at strengthening the institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks of the GI system in the country that contributes to efficient and inclusive food systems.
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