Serbia: Developing Origin Based Labels in the Horticultural SectorSerbia: Developing Origin Based Labels in the Horticultural Sector

CherriesWith annual total production estimated at 1.7 million tons of fruit and 1.8 milion tons of vegetables, agriculture is the most important sector in the Serbian economy. It accounts for about 10 per cent of the national gross domestic product (GDP) and provides more than 20 per cent of the country’s total employment. Geographical indications (GIs), collective “brands” used for products with a specific reputation and qualities attributable to a specific place of origin, are the most common type of origin-based labels. Together with other types of premium product labels, they are considered as a way to improve the efficiency and inclusiveness of agricultural and food systems. In view of this, the EBRD and FAO are jointly implementing a technical assistance project for the development of GIs in Serbia’s horticultural sector in collaboration with the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (MAFW) and the Intellectual Property Office . Groups of producers, EBRD existing clients in the fruit and vegetable sector and the public authorities and private scetor involved in GI institutional system =will be the main beneficiaries of the project.Cherries Three horticultural value chains are being supported as pilots in the project in relation to the following quality products: -the “Oblacinska”sour cherry: -the ajvar of Kopaonik (preparation made from paprika); and -the Arilje raspberry.
The program consists of:
  1. Help producers to understand steps required for GIs in Serbia
Product Specificity and Delimitation of Territory
  • Study on product specifications
  • Consumer survey
  • Establishment of the Code of Practice
Capacity Development of Producers
  • Training of producers on GI concepts
  • Study tours to acquaint local producers with GIs registration
Support to Marketing, Product Placement and Promotion
  • Creation of GI logos and promotional Leaflets
  • Participation in International fairs
  1. Improve Institutional Capacity
  2. Disseminate intermediate and final results
Policy dialogue and General-Awareness Raising
  • National Conferences
  • Report on International experiences
  • Workshop for Regional GI awareness-raising
  • Promotional material and National guidelines
The project will have an immediate impact on the groups of producers of the selected GIs, as well as all companies processing them, as the latter will be able to use the appellation for marketing purposes. Project Leader: Lisa.Paglietti; Lisa.
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