EastAgri is a network of institutions coordinated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Investment Centre, committed to improving their agricultural and agribusiness investment portfolio through information sharing. We are currently covering the 29 member countries of the EBRD.EastAgri — сеть организаций, координируемая Инвестиционным центром ФАО, созданная для развития инвестиционных проектов в области сельского хозяйства и агробизнеса на основе обмена информацией. В настоящее время EastAgri объединяет 29 стран–членов Европейского банка реконструкции и развития (ЕБРР).



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To counter the COVID-19 recession, we need to invest in food systems

At the onset of the crisis, food supply chains were strained as many countries imposed restrictions on movement of goods and people across and within borders. As a result, the challenge was not availability of food but easy access to it.

Next, anxious over the uncertainties linked to food supply, some countries restricted food exports, making this situation even more challenging.

Fortunately, excessive protectionism was avoided and many of the initially imposed restrictions have been removed with countries adopting overall a restrained and reasonable approach.

To counter the COVID-19 recession, we need to invest in food systems


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