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OECD and FAO see likely end to period of high agricultural prices but urge vigilance

The recent period of high agricultural commodity prices is most likely over, say the OECD and FAO in their latest 10-year Outlook. But the two organisations warn of the need to be vigilant as the probability of a major price swing remains high. The OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2016-2025, published today, projects inflation-adjusted agricultural commodity prices will remain relatively flat overall in the coming decade. However, livestock prices are expected to rise relative to those for crops.
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A Taste of your World

Share your food photos with us! We’re looking for #atasteofyourworld - and this summer you’ve got the chance to show the world your appetite for great shots of food.

Why? Because we are what we eat and FAO and the EBRD are championing quality foods produced by local communities .Think about how food is produced and how it makes everyone of us and the places where we live, unique.

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